Extroversion and Introversion

All human beings are born with some innate qualities which categorizes them into a particular type and even though people develop and mature depending on different life experiences and their inhibiting such experiences, but in its true essence, it is only their behavior which changes and not their personality. Personality types are non-discriminating. Personality is the result of how the psychological drive of a person enables them to develop particular preferences and habits. It sheds light on how people understand things and how they develop their psychic drive. It is the underlying system which guides a person’s behavior and cognitions.

So, how do you classify and know if you are an extrovert or an introvert? Extroverts are always directed towards the outer world. They are sociable and constantly need the guidance, company and support of other people. This makes them attached to people. Socializing is essential for extroverts. However, this is not the only trait of extroverts. They enroll into different types of tasks which are usually out of their comfort zone. They can usually work faster as compared to introverts. Extroverts are mostly characterized as easy going and adaptive; they can get along or at least interact with almost all types of people. Extroverts give importance to what their social circle thinks of them or how they feel about a certain thing. This makes them fall into the trap of peer pressure and external influence.

Contrastingly, introverts are more directed inwards i.e. they are more focused internally; centred on their own selves. They are usually shy and not very vocal about their thoughts and opinions; perhaps private and reserved. They learn by thinking and observing. This makes them reflective before talking and concentrate more in their minds. Introverts can perform extremely efficiently, focusing on one activity at a time. Introverts enjoy being by their own selves and in the company of a few people rather than huge social circles like extroverts. Unlike extroverts, introverts take some time to open to people.

Very interestingly, ambivert personality type have both of the introversion and extroversion traits. The situation determines their behavioural inclination. The classification of the different types of personality does not signify the superiority or inferiority of one type over the other. Each type has its own true significance.

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