Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying, a relatively new phenomenon also known as digital bullying, has been on the rise among teenagers who get allured online by strangers through text messages in various chat rooms. Cyber bullying is simply the hi-tech version of the old fashioned bullying. Cyber-bullying is defined in certain legal glossaries as:

  • Actions that use information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group that is intended to harm another or others.
  • use of communication technologies for the intention of harming another person
  • use of Internet service and mobile technologies such as web pages and discussion groups as well as instant messaging with the intention of harming another person.

The practice of cyber-bullying is not limited to children and, while the behavior is identified by the same definition when practiced by adults, the distinction in age groups sometimes refers to the abuse as cyber stalking or cyber harassment when perpetrated by adults toward adults. According to a new study published by The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), one in every four Indian teenagers, mostly women, have been victims of cyber bullying.

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