Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Generally, individuals with Narcissistic Personality Disorder engage in feelings of undue self-importance, are prone to jealousy and yet, also believe that others envy them. People suffering from this disorder find it difficult to adapt to change and feel entitled to an unquestionable compliance to their demands from others. If their demands aren’t met, they often react in an outrage (narcissistic rage), resulting in criminal acts. According to psychologists, there are three categories of narcissists:

1) Classic Narcissists: They perceive themselves to be excessively superior, and expect the world to recognise them as such. Among other things, this category of narcissists also:

  • Feel betrayed by individuals who fail to acknowledge their significance
  • Exaggerate achievements
  • Engage in delusional and grandiose thinking and behaviour and thus, face difficulty in making rational choices
  • Prefer excessive, constant attention and admiration.

2) Fragile Narcissists:

  • Associate with individuals who are special in order to seek favours instead of obtaining them in their own right
  • Don’t prefer attention, however, find themselves to be superior compared to most people around
  • Seek pity in order to boost their low sense of self-worth
  • Their fragile self-esteem makes them vulnerable to distress from criticism/defeat.

3) Malignant Narcissists

  • Engage in exploitative behaviour
  • Lack feelings of empathy
  • Aim to dominate others
  • Feel powerful by witnessing others suffer.

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