Separation Anxiety Disorder

More often than not, when a child is afraid or alarmed of being separated from one’s parents or caregivers, SAD is thought to be natural. Usually, it is a behaviour that fades over time; however, in some situational circumstances, it continues to persist and if it interferes with one’s daily life, it is termed to be Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD). These are some of the signs to look for to identify SAD in Children and Adults:


  • Refusal to sleep alone
  • Repeated nightmares with a theme of separation
  • Worrying when parted from home or family, the safety of a family member or about getting lost from family
  • Refusal to go to school
  • Fearful and reluctant to be alone
  • Frequent stomach aches or other physical complaints
  • Very clingy
  • Panic or temper tantrums at times of separation from parents or caregivers


  • Unusual distress about being separated from a person or pet
  • Excessive worry that another person will be harmed if they leave them alone
  • Heightened fear of being alone
  • Physical symptoms
  • Needing to know where a spouse or loved one is at all times

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